Contrary to what many think, “Marketing” is not a dirty word. In addition, marketing for non-profits is also not the same as fundraising, but it is essential to it. The basics are virtually the same as for businesses whose mission is to make a profit. Some of the goals may be different, but the idea is to reach your target market efficiently, and effectively. Below are some low cost marketing strategies for non-profits.

  • Track, test, and do what works.
  • Monitor your brand. How is it perceived?
  • Strive for shorter, more frequent communications in multiple places.
  • Write a letter to the editor, or editorial
  • Get information to disseminate to others’ websites, and they will hopefully link back to your website.
  • Volunteer to be a guest speaker or a commentary for the media. You’ll need opinion, insight, and information. Be genuine and knowledgeable.
  • Consider social networking, press releases, blogging, article writing, and tweets. Make sure these spread your brand image, and make the posts methodical, helpful, useful, and newsworthy.
  • Post your events on community calendars.
  • Your organization needs to be searchable, believable, and credible.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Try, and try again.
  • Simplify your donation process.
  • Consider using a memorable slogan.
  • Do some market research to learn more about your target market, their needs and wants.
  • Follow others online and make comments.
  • Never stop listening.
  • Make sure that your message has a clear call to action.
  • Support your words with messages.
  • Identify and nurture your “fans”, and encourage them to “friend-raise”.

Spreading your passion to others is what builds the foundation for most non-profits. The communication channels vary, but your passion will be what truly “sells” your organization.

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