Moving in the real estate marketIf you are among the millions of people who will move this year, you may want to consider doing as much as possible at least two months before the moving day.

Be sure to prepare a rough budget for the cost of your move in order to take care of expenses such as house hunting trips, utility deposits, etc. Keep accurate records of all expenses, as many are tax deductible on your federal income taxes.

Before packing the first box, get rid of unwanted items before you move. If you are paying movers, a smaller load will also save you money.

Contact your bank and advise them of your moving plans. Often they will help you in setting up accounts at a new financial institution. Ask for a letter of introduction to your new loan officer if you will need to borrow for a home at your new location. Also notify your doctor and dentist to have records and prescriptions transferred. Ask them for referrals in your new community. Visit your child’s school and meet the teachers. Give them the information to transfer school records.

Moving in the real estate marketBe sure to change your address with the post office. Many post offices and Realtors offer a moving checklist free of charge. Don’t forget to cancel your newspaper, utilities, telephone, cable, etc. Be sure to collect any deposits you have made.

It is a good idea to label all boxes with the room where it should be unloaded, and a brief description of the packed items. Pack a survival package of items you will need on the move. If you’re hiring movers, discard any flammable cleaning fluids, as they will not pack these. You may want to keep important papers and items of sentimental value with you.

Taking your time in preparing for a move, packing and labeling correctly, and making any changes and referrals ahead of time will make the move much easier, and less traumatic for you.

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